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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Flying Monkeys 

I'm sitting here watching The Wizard of Oz and remembering how much it scared me when I was kid. Being of a certain age, I watched it the first several times on a black and white TV. This kind of takes away from the coolness of it being a groundbreaking color movie from way back when the world was monochrome.

And lets be honest, the whole it's-just-a-dream-after-all ending really harshes my buzz. It's a cop-out.

I'm pretty sure that Young William doesn't really believe me when I tell him that when his mother and I were his age, there were no DVD players or VCRs. When a show was on you set your butt down in front of the TV and you watched it. The Grinch came around once before Christmas and if you really wanted to see it you made sure you were ready when it was on. He gives me the same look I gave my dad when he told me about it being up hill and into the wind going to school and coming home too; and lets not even talk about the snow.

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