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Friday, June 29, 2007

That's A New One... 

I was perusing my junk mail folder this evening and found a new twist on the classic 419 phishing scheme. You know the one:

Dear Sucker,

I am sitting on a pile of cash that I'm trying to get
out of Country X. If you agree to be the front man we can
split the money.

Bad Person.

Digression; does anybody fall for these anymore? I can see that if you were the first person to ever get this e-mail you might be tempted to go for it. But now?

But back to the new twist. This one purported to be from a lawyer (barrister?) in England and he represents the estate of one of the victims of the London Subway Blasts. All I have to do say I'm the next of kin and I can get 40% of 11,000,000 Pounds. He gets 50% and the remaining 10% goes to overhead. Such a deal. I was tempted to try messing with him, but he doesn't check his e-mail very often. He said I should call him instead. And the phone number is even in Great Britain. Talk about attention to detail!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ethical Stem Cells 

Now I admit that I didn't hear (or read since I was reading Closed Captions on the silent TV in the lunch room at work) the whole story, but I could swear that one of the justifications that President Biff (gratuitous Back To The Future reference) used when vetoing the Stem Cell bill was that he didn't want to force people to pay taxes to support something that violated their ethical beliefs. That makes perfect sense to me, after all nobody in the country has the slightest ethical problem with funding an unprovoked war of aggression and the ensuing occupation of said country. Woot.

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