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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

It Just Happens 

The New York Times (registration required) reports that Congress Trims Money for Science Agency. I'll let others get snarky about the Punxatawny Weather Museum and the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. The thing that amazes me is the Republican attitude toward governance. As far as I can tell they think that civilization just happens. The idea that you have to work at making sure that the herd of people called the United States don't reduce themselves to a bunch of ignorant savages looking for guidance from their imaginary friend in the sky seems to be foreign to them. They don't need to foster scientific progress because Government can't do anything about it; progress just happens doesn't it? This is similar to the way they're currently destroying the military. Cutting Veterans' Benefits, Stop Loss, calling up people in the Individual Ready Reserve who've been inactive for years, extending combat zone tours again and again, calling up National Guard units for years at a time. None of these things will hurt the Military because the military is always there. It needs no nuturing. They think they live in a <Austin Powers>Consquence-Free Environment</Austin Powers> Or else to get scary, they really do think the Rapture is about to happen and are about to jump up into heaven so planning for the future is a waste.

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