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Sunday, December 12, 2004


The Boys and I were outside looking at the Christmas lights I finally got around to stringing this afternoon. (Aside, we live on a street that backs up against a hill covered with trees and without too much effort you can get into the Golden Gate Recreation Area which is a LARGE patch of wilderness (for the San Mateo Peninsula), so there is a certain amount wild animal traffic: coons, deer, foxes, maybe even a bobcat once). Young William knows that the racoons like to come out after dark and so he was a bit on edge about being outside. He decided to explain to me about racoons.

"Racoons like to walk around at night, they like to eat garbage, they live in the woods and they don't like hugs."
"That's right," I say, "they don't like hugs."
"Yes, I learned that from Elf."

So, if you haven't seen this new addition to the Christmas movie Pantheon, the Take Home Message is: Racoons don't like hugs.

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