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Friday, December 31, 2004

I'm back 

Hello loyal audience (that means you Nino and Rook). I have returned from Over The Hill And Through The Woods.

It was big fun except for the part where my Minolta S414 bit the dust. I've searched the InterWeb and found no solace. The camera was going great guns on Christmas Eve when all the sudden the picture on the LCD went black (the helpful text and icons on the screen were still there, so the LCD wasn't dead). Attempts to take pictures yielded black images. Browsing already taken pictures worked fine. As far as I can tell, the connection between the CCD and whatever comes next has been severed. The camera is old enough (ie, out of warrenty) for me to be seriously considering opening it up to see if some obvious wire came loose.

We were in Lovely Santa Barbara for the Holidays (that would be Young Alexander's Birthday, Old William's (Grandpa) Birthday, Christmas itsownself, and the Anniversay of the Marriage between My Lovely Wife Natalie and myself). Alas, MLWN has to work on New Year's Day, so we're back in Pacifica.

I've told Young William that he can stay up until midnight; he is giddy. I'm giving odds that he won't make it past 10:30.

New Year's Day Update: At around 10:40 Young William asked me 'Dad, why are you snoring?' 'I was resting my eyes, Willy.' A couple minutes later he said he was ready to go to bed. So he did beat my estimate by a solid 15 minutes.

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