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Friday, December 03, 2004

It's Very Simple 

Rant time.

If you are one of the large number of people who think that Darwin's explanation of evolution through natural selection is not an adequate explanation of the history of life, then you are either woefully ignorant or an idiot. Your opinion is worthless until you acquire some knowledge and understanding of the topic.

Oh, and saying "It's just a theory" betrays the depth of your ignorance. When you're talking about science, a theory is as close to iron-clad fact as you can get. I'll say this slowly for the knuckle-draggers in the back, a theory explains all evidence and can be used to predict future events. If some data emerge that contradict the theory, (after verification of the new data) the theory is modified to explain the new data. Darwin's book from almost 150 years ago didn't get all the details right, but it did explain all the data he had. As science has progressed the theory has been expanded and refined to incorporate all the new data. It is right. You are wrong. Pointing to a book written a couple thousand years ago that tells stories about your imaginary friend does not help your argument.

Rant completed. Thank you for your time.

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