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Saturday, December 18, 2004


I now have objective proof that GWB is as incompetent at fascism as he is at everything else. I just dropped My Lovely Wife Natalie, Young William and Young Alexander off at the San Jose Amtrack station so they could take the scenic (and oh so exciting, if you're a young boy) route to Santa Barbara for Christmas at Grandma's House. Having burned through a whole bunch of vacation over the summer, I have to work a couple of days next week before I drive down. But back to our incompetent Duce. Back when Mussolini invented Fascism, he did the suspension of personal liberties that we've come to expect from leaders of his ilk. But he was given a pass on that because, "He made the trains run on time."1 Well we haven't even reached Italian levels of Fascist efficiency yet; the train MLWN, YW and YA took to Santa Barbara was one and half hours behind schedule.

1 Actually, that's a myth, but I'm trying to be snarky.

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