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Monday, December 06, 2004


I have a few albums squirrled away that I've never been able to find on CD. I managed to get my hands on a turntable a while ago and have been encoding one or two of them from time to time. After getting used to ripping CDs at around 10X using iTunes, the less than 1X process for vinyl (check the input level, record the record to disk, mark the boundaries, split into separate song files, trim inter-track tails, load into iTunes, enter the tag information, convert to MP3) certainly is a bit more labor intensive. But ever so much worth it. I haven't heard Blood On The Saddle for ages. And I've been enjoying The Rave-Ups too. Today I'm going to try to work on my two Rank And File albums.

update: I converted Sundown and Long Gone Dead by Rank and File and as a bonus did Poor Little Critter On The Road by The Knitters. Woot! It's funny, you can get a Knitters tribute album on CD but as far as I can tell the original is not available in that format.

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