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Friday, December 03, 2004

Who's Linda? 

I can hear you Internet, clamoring to know. You're saying, "Hank, who is the Linda person you refer to in the URL of Hank's Place?" Well Internet, there is no Linda. I live in lovely Pacifica, California. Now even many Californians have never heard of Pacfica, and that's OK. It's nestled on the Coast-side of the San Mateo peninsula, just south of Daly City, which is itself just south of The City And County Of San Francisco. And to be a bit helpful I've included this small snap of a view from the hills above Pacifica. "But wait," you say, "what about Linda?" Patience, Internet, it's coming. Pacifica is divided up into several districts. The Southern-most part of town is known as Linda Mar. I live in Linda Mar. Hence, Internet, the URL. There. That wasn't so bad was it?

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