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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Life before Google 

YW is in Cub Scouts (digression - one of the huge injustices of my childhood was that little girls got to be Brownies in the first grade, but boys had to wait until second grade to join the Cub Scouts. In the fullness of time, the Scouts have created a new kind of Cub Scout: the Tiger Cub. Tiger Cubs are first graders, so YW gets to skip a rite of That's-Not-Fair that his old dad had to endure. And yes, I know that the people who run the Scouts are batshit ("morally straight" != sexually straight, what a load of hooey) but I'm not going to keep YW from having fun because I don't approve of policies of people we will never meet) and today we toured the local Cop Shop. In said Police Station, they have a wall of pictures documenting the history of the Pacifica Police Department (strangely, they didn't have anything about how a couple of weeks ago they Tasered® someone to death). A couple of the pictures featured shots of the "Linda Mar Riots" that took place on July 28, 1968. I'd never heard of them, so as soon as I got home I got disappointed by Google. There is no mention of Linda Mar Riots online that they have indexed. Dang. Instead, I've got to think about what have been the cause. I know that in the Spring of 1970 my USCB Gauchos rioted in Isla Vista and burned down Bank of America branch office in IV (Digression - a Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Deputy killed Kevin P. Moran, a kid who was trying to disperse the crowd, but to the cops looked an awful lot like an agitator. IV legend has it that it was those riots which caused Governor Reagan to utter his greatest line: "If there is to be bloodbath, let it be now."). There is a branch of the B of A in the Linda Mar shopping center. Perhaps it was there way back when and it's evil oppression of the Vietnamese People had a similar effect in Pacifica to the one it would have two years later in Isla Vista.

Hank, me and a friend where kicked out of the soda shop...we then went to our garage to make picket signs to demonstrate our distast of not being allowed to be in the shopping center!!! We walked up and down on the sidewalk next to the center, then when the skole bus came, we where joined by many others, also with signs.
We were all peaceful and cool, til the cops came. I was the 1st to get busted, askin' what for, he said id used the word "fuck", in an answer to a friend on what was happening. I didn't say it loud, but he heard it. Was mishandled along with friends and citizens, at the PPD.
Anyway was charged with starting a "riot" (the bottles and rocks stated flying after i was arrested) and a 3rd charge was added. Spent the night in SSF's jail, where I made bail, the next day.
Result was a $500 fine + lawyer fees and 1 year probation. All for saying fuck in a response.
Thing is I've been seearching for pic's and articles bout it, bout can't find any. Pacifica Tribune had interviewed me, and I was shocked at the outcome.
If u could get or upload those pic's u saw, please do so, since Im in Denmark (Europe).
Your Sincerly.
Jens Andersen
We want the truth...NOW!
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