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Monday, January 03, 2005


Yesterday I had an insightful post on the situation in Iraq all written and ready to go and then I closed the window before clicking on the Publish button. Oops. Instead of reconstructing it right now, I'll leave you with a story about my exciting New Year's Eve. My Lovely Wife Natalie had to work on the first, so she wasn't going to stay up late. Young William is old enough to be excited about significant events. The last day of 2004 turning into the first day of 2005 counts as significant. He really wanted to stay up until midnight. Having assumed my Super Hero guise as Indulgent Dad, I said "OK, what are we going to do while we stay up?" Thought ensued. "I know Dad, we'll watch Harry Potter movies." And so it came to pass that we had a plan. Around 10:00 (about an hour and a half after his usual bed-time) he asked if he could sit on my lap while we watched Harry battle the bad guys in Movie #2. After getting comfortable we continued to watch. Around 10:30 he nudged me and said, "Dad, why are you snoring?" "Because I'm tired Willy." "I'm kind of tired too." "Should we just go to bed and finish watching the movie tomorrow?" "OK." There you have it, the wild and care free life of Indulgent Dad.

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