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Monday, January 31, 2005

Walking on dirt 

In my attempt to make the boys somewhat woodsy and outdoorsy, now that YA is big enough to walk most of the way, we've started trying to go for a hike (or as I like to call it, a Walk On Dirt) at least once each weekend. This weekend was big fun because we went on two hikes and on the first one our friends from the other side of the Bay came along. The top (Saturday) picture was taken looking out toward the ocean at the summit of our Saturday hike. If you look at the tree on the right had side of the picture one of its branches pointing to the top of a hill. If you follow that hill down and back up to the hill to the left, that is the spot from which Sunday's picture was taken. In that picture, on the skyline near the middle is widely spaced cluster of trees. If you look carefully you can see a trail climbing up the hill toward one of them. That's the tree in Saturday's picture.

For these Walks On Dirt we drove about three miles from our house to get to the trail heads; and were, in fact, still in the Pacifica city limits when we started walking. I'm not sure if we left town or not when we were walking inland.

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