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Thursday, January 06, 2005


The other night the Nuclear Family had a lovely sushi dinner with one of My Lovely Wife Natalie's coworkers and the coworker's Sweetheart. Yummy fish and sticky rice were consumed by all (Kid weirdness: Young William won't eat beans, but he mowed his way through a serious amount octopus and says that Barracuda is now his favorite restaurant of all time). The Sweetheart of MLWN's coworker (we'll call him SoMLWNC) is in the Army Reserve. He just found out that he's getting called up to go to Iraq. We were discussing the practical aspects of that. At one point he asked me if it was OK to ask who I voted for in the Presidential Election. "Kerry," I said with pride. SoMLWNC's response was that he would have voted for him too if only after Kerry said that invading Iraq was a mistake he hadn't said that he thought we should stay there to win the fight. If Kerry had said he would pull the troops out, SoMLWNC would have voted for him. His rationale: "I couldn't vote him because I didn't want to possibly go fight in Iraq for a President who thought the war was a mistake." In the interest of keeping it a pleasant social interaction I didn't say, "What the fuck does that mean? You would rather get sent to Iraq by a president who thinks that shit-storm was good idea?"

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