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Friday, February 11, 2005

Fish Or Cut Bait 

The other day YA was supposed to take a nap. He takes a nap every day. He's used to it. But this time he was pretty sure he didn't want comply. (Aside: He's 3 years old and still sleeps in his crib.) I put him in his crib, covered him with a couple of blanket, shut the door and went on my way. About 15 minutes later I was back at that end of the house and heard a little voice saying, "Help. Help." Not frantic, not loud, more conversational than anything. I peaked into his room to see if he'd found some hidden toy in the crib and was engaged in play. What I saw was him perched on top of the crib rail, hanging on tight and repeating, "Help. Help." I disengaged him, put him back under the blankets and explained that it is really time to sleep.

I think it might be just about time to get him his own big bed.

I was entertained by his predicament, though. He wanted out, but wouldn't commit to the drop. I don't remember escaping from my own crib, but I'm pretty sure that if you hang on with your hands and let your feet go first you probably won't be hurt too badly. YW got to the stage of being able escape at will when he was about this age so the big bed clock is ticking.

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