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Monday, February 28, 2005


MLWN went out for her morning run on Saturday. About 5 minutes after she left she was back. Before I could even come up with a snide comment about vigorous exercise. She said, "Get shoes on the boys and grab the checkbook. You need to come with me around the corner to buy a bunkbed at a garage sale." So off we trooped. It was an Ikea bunkbed (and yes, I did steal the image from the Ikea website) in good shape, at serious markdown from retail, already assembled, and only about 150 yards from the house (as opposed miles away, in a confusingly arranged store, completely unassembled, and much more pricey). The check written I got it back to the house, upgraded YA from his crib to YW's old bed, installed the bunkbed in YW's room, and went to Costco for mattresses and bedding (matching Spiderman comforters!!!). Now YA is giddy because he has his own Big Bed® and YW can hardly contain himself when in the presence of his bunkbed.

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