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Friday, February 25, 2005

I Wonder If This Will Work... 

YA goes to preschool. He likes it a lot. He will spontaneously turn to me and say, "I like Teacher Karen." But there are some mornings where he is having a good time at home and doesn't really want to go to school. Today was one of those days. He decided to conduct an experiment where the Null Hypothesis was "I don't have to go to school if I scream and cry and yell that I want to go home the whole way to school, on the walk into school from the car and after I get into school." The Null Hypothesis was disproven. I was pretty confident that he would be fine moments after the departure of the parental unit. A couple hours after he was callously abandoned at school I called to see how he was doing. Teacher Karen said he was fine moments after MLWN left and had been having an entirely satisfying day. I just wonder if he has enough of a grasp of the Scientific Method to repeat the experiment just to make sure that the intial result is the right one.

I hope not.

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