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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Let Me Tell You What I Really Think 

Note: This is my third attempt to post this. I will post it. I will.

Warning: Naughty words are used in the following post. Read at your peril.

On Tuesday after the boys had been put away for the night, MLWN and I were channel surfing for something to watch. For no apparent reason we paused on HGTV to watch a little bit of a show wherein regular folk were talking about the favorite things in their houses. For example, one woman really liked her African Violets, another was quite proud of the art collection she had acquired on her trips to exotic foreign locales. The last one we saw was a woman showing off her set of fine china. "It's from Bulgaria and there are over 800 pieces." She went on to explain that she had been married for more than twenty years and had never had any really nice china. "But I prayed to The Lord to help me find a nice set at a good price." MLWN changed the channel right after I said, "Fuck you, you cunt, The Lord doesn't give a shit if you have nice plates." MLWN has a strict rule that we don't get to watch shows that make me yell at the TV, especially ones that get me to use three profanities in one sentence. And most especially ones that make me drop the c-bomb.

As nearly as I can tell, this woman's theology derives more from Santa Claus than Jesus.

Santa = brings you things you wish for.

Jesus = amassing worldly goods is bad.

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