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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

No really? 

U.S. likely to see its influence reduced... Now I know it's an article about how the Iraqis who won the election probably have their own agendas, but as the start of a headline it's pretty great. Lets see, the Secretary of State (aka Diplomat #1) lies constantly about everything and everyone knows it. The Attorney General thinks that torturing people is super. The guy who's probably going to be the Secretary of Homeland Security is also on the Torture Is Neato team. And finally, the president himself commands essentially zero respect from anyone with a more than room temperature IQ. Yeah, I'd say the influence of the U.S. is probably on the downswing.

Update #1: I'm willing to concede that Condi is not congenital liar. It is possible that she is so profoundly stupid that she was incapable of doing her job in the months before 9/11 and is telling the truth when she says that she had no clue that such a thing could occur.

Update #2: Another factor in the waning of American influence must surely be that while we can beat any standing army in the world, we can't subdue one of the weakest nations on the planet.

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