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Monday, February 07, 2005

There's a fat baby! 

YW was born in Minnesota. My extended family lives in Minnesota and Wisconsin. These two facts led to a certain amount of carting YW from place to place to exhibit him to people swimming in his same gene pool. YW was not what you would call a skinny baby. He was no basketball but, he definitely had stored up energy for later use. Whenever we'd go see Granny at the nursing home in Glenwood, the little old ladies in the lobby of the home would sing out, "There's a fat baby!"

This really bummed me out. I've seen my baby pictures; I was a fat baby. YW was just kind of chunky. This psychic trauma percolated around in my brain for a while and then I had a breakthrough. The Little Old Ladies At The Home (LOLATH) in Glenwood were retired farm wives. These ladies had their babies back before antibotics. In their eyes a fat baby was a healthy baby; if you were a skinny baby back when they had their babies, you probably were sick and had a good chance of not surviving. The LOLATH were paying MLWN and I a compliment. They thought we were doing a good job with our baby. After I figured this out, my response, on every visit, to "There's a fat baby!" was a hearty "Thank you very much! And how are you ladies doing today?"

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