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Friday, February 04, 2005

Things Kids Make You Say 

So we're in Longs Drugs wandering around waiting for the antibiotic prescription to get filled. YA (he's 3) sees a display of Charmin 12-packs on an end cap; the current Charmin wrapper has a cute bear on it (get it? do ya? huh? Does a bear shit in the woods? Yeah, and then it wipes it ass with Charmin! Oh the humor! hee...). YA grabs one and hugs it. I disengage him from the asswipe and put it back. He grabs another one and snuggles with it some more. I get that one away from him and while I'm putting it back he grabs a third one. He's really hugging and snuggling and cooing with this Charmin. "Sasha," I say, "we don't cuddle with toilet paper." I know its not that funny, but I never expected to have to say something like that out loud.

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