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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

You And What Army? 

Lately on NPR, in the newspaper, on various online news sites, etc, I've been encountering news about how Iran is so very very naughty and how we (that would be the US of A) just can't have that, and that steps might have to be taken. The thing I'm curious about is just how we're going to take steps. It is impossible, not hard, impossible for the Armed Forces of the United States to fight another war right now. We simply lack the necessary number of combat brigades to do anything other than what we are currently doing. Even we reinstated the draft today it would be quite a while before we had any capacity to do more than bomb a few places in Iran. And air strikes seem like an enormously bad idea too. Iran is right next door to Iraq. Do we really want to fight a conventional war against an invading army while simultaneosly trying to put down an insurgency?

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