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Friday, March 04, 2005

Friday Kid Blogging 

YW has been getting more than his fair share of pictures lately, so here's one of YA on his own. This was taken at the San Francisco Zoo. Which zoo has curbs. That you can walk on! Woo! YA has been enjoying his time at Preschool. But when you ask him how his day was it sounds like he has a pretty rough time. Every day I ask him, "Did you have a good day?" He responds, "Yes, I fell down on the slide." Now he did fall down on the slide in January. But every day he tells me that he fell down on the slide. I'm not sure if he's reminding me that it did happen once or if he thinks he falls down every day. The other day when I picked him up we had the following conversation:

H - How was your day?
YA - I fell down on the slide.
H - Are you OK?
YA - Yes
H - Did you bump your nose today?
YA - Yes.
H - Did you run into the wall?
YA - Yes.
H - Did you get chased by a tiger?
YA (after a pause to consider) - No.
H - Well that's good news.

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