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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Where's My Clipboard? 

Remember the dark days of the 1990s? When Republicans spewed about the "Jack booted stormtroopers" who were going to break down your door and drag you away. When supposedly serious people would say things like, "I love my country but I fear my government." Do you? Where the hell are these people now? Their party is in power and our government locks citizens up indefinitely with no charges, we torture people, the people we don't have time to torture are outsourced to garden spots like Syria, we engage in pracitices which encourage the creation of new terrorists and increase the international trade in heroin, etc. Is it OK to act like a fascist shitbag as long the fascist shitbag is on your team?

It's the banality of evil that comes to mind. During WWII, the German beauracracy kept detailed records about the industrial process of killing Jews and other undesireables. In the Chronicle this morning I read this.

"We get assurances, we check on those assurances, and we double-check on these assurances to make sure that people are being handled properly in respect to human rights," the official said. The official said that compliance had been "very high" but added, "Nothing is 100 percent unless we're sitting there staring at them 24 hours a day."
So it's OK since we have checklist that's being followed. Records are being kept, so the fact that we ship people all over the world to have their fingernails torn out is simply not a problem. As my old college roommate Bad Todd used to say, "Fuckin' fuck."

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