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Monday, April 25, 2005

I am a bad person 

The other day I was chatting with one of YW's classmate's dad. This being the land of really high gas prices, filling up the tank is often a topic of conversation. He said that the needle was on empty so he filled the tank on his vehicle and it cost him $100. He does drive a Suburban and he put 39 gallons into the tank. Here comes the I'm a bad person part: I laughed and said it cost me $21 to fill up the Civic the day before.

It's going to take a serious bribe for me to not buy a hybrid when the time comes to buy another car. And, just for fun I'll almost certainly get it modded to have a plug for home charging. Since I am the Dad that I am, I what I really want is hybrid minivan with a diesel engine. Diesel, as you should know, has more energy in it that gasoline, so you can get better mileage from a diesel than from a gas engine of the same displacement. Combine that with the plugged-in electric motor and (I'm getting giddy here) biodiesel fuel and you're talking some serious efficiency. Too bad nobody makes one.

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