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Monday, April 11, 2005

Then Go Back To Arkansas 

News Flash

The Chron has an article this morning about some woman out in Fresopolis that thinks she's plugged into God's wishes about who should get to marry whom. In addition to that she seems to be cranky about living in California: "But down here in the valley, we are real people. This is a red state." I've just got to say that I'm beyond tired of the implication that people who live near salt water aren't real Americans. She and her uptight white neigbors don't like the homos, and since she has a direct line to her Imaginary Friend Jesus who told her that they're yucky, the rest of the state should kowtow to her intollerance.

But wait, they're not intollerant: "We are not against the homosexuals. We don't have a problem with what they want to do in private. We just don't want it in our faces." I'm pretty confident that the last thing any of our homosexual friends want to do is go to Freston and engage in smooching in Crazy Old Lady From Fresburg's house.

I don't understand how two people in love declaring their love for one another and setting up house together is 'in her face.' I guess it's how they then open up their Gay Lifestyle Recruiting Offices and go on door-to-door conversion missions like that other in-your-face cult the Mormons.

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