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Monday, May 02, 2005

Bonus Monday Kid Blogging 

The Cub-On was big fun. We boated, we archery-ed, we BB-gunned, we hiked, we fished, we slept on the ground. It was also proof that I shouldn't hang out with Ordinary Fucking People (Pop Quiz: what movie is that phrase from?). There were way too many completely un-parented kids at the Cub-On. Not kids there without parents, kids whose parents don't do much actual parenting. If you're in a clump of 20 or more tents and your kid is, first thing in the morning, running around shouting nonsense sounds at the top of his lungs, your job is to redirect his energy to something less noisy or tell him to quiet the fuck down or something. If you're on a nature hike and your kid is constantly going off the trail and crushing plants when he's not just hitting them with sticks and snapping off branches, your job is to make him stop, not smile vapidly while at least half the grownups present tell him to knock it off. Other than that it was great. Oh, and it's a Bluegill, which, mercifully, was too small to keep so we threw it back.

Update: And for those of you paying attention, yes, he is wearing the same shirt in this picture as he is in the Friday Kid Blogging post below. He really likes the flaming Batman motif.

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