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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What's Wrong With This Picture? 

One the websites I like to look at is the Marinelink Photo Gallery. It's an updated-daily collection of pictures taken by (as far as I can tell) ordinary marines. Now to get on this site, they've got to get past some kind of censorship by the Higher Powers in the marines. So you've got snaps of things some regular person thought were noteworthy that make it through the filter of Authority. You end up with shots of things in Iraq and Afganistan, soccer games on Okinawa, homecomings at Camp Pendleton, etc. Today's picture is thumbnail cut out a picture that I saw this morning. Here's a link to their thumbnail and caption and the full-size picture itself. Go look at one of them, I'll wait.

Welcome back. Now answer me this, what the fuck is wrong with that picture? Winning Hearts and Minds does not seem to be on the official list of Things To Do. A tank with name "New Testament" (with the name on the 120mm cannon for fuck's sake) driving down the road in Iraq. I'm thinking there are more than a few Iraqis that read English. But we're not a Crusade in Iraq, oh no, that's the last thing we're doing there. And let's not even get into the acutal message contained in the New Testament.

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