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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Younger Brother Syndrome 

YA is rougly 3.5 years younger than YW. And he is convinced that he can do anything that YW can do. His current obsession is camping. He knows that his big brother went camping. Now all he wants to do is go camping.

H -YA are you ready to get dressed?
YA - I want to go camping

H - YA are you ready to go to school?
YA - I want to go camping.
H - Wouldn't you rather go see Teacher Karen?
YA - No, I want to go camping.

He doesn't even know what camping is, but since YW did it, he should get to do it too. I have a younger sister, so I am at a disadvantage in figuring out his thought process: I'm not a younger brother and I don't have a younger brother. In addition to needing to go camping, he also needs to take swimming lessons and have his own bicycle (or as he says it, bike-isul).

Soccer season should be especially exciting; I expect him to charge onto the field at some point in every game YW plays. Speaking of which, I'm signed up to be YW's coach. I think I might have to see the movie Kicking and Screaming to see what's in my future.

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