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Monday, June 13, 2005

Arnie's a Dink 

The Chron has an article this morning about how Arnie is almost certainly going to call a special election to put his initiatives before the voters. What an asshole. He's the Governor. He's the one person in the whole entire state of California that can make the Legislature contemplate on his desires. But, proving once again that Austrian Immigrants who worm their way into positions of authority tend not to appreciate the way in which Democracy actually works, he doesn't feel like doing his actual job and negotiating with another branch of government to accomplish his goals. He'd rather toss some crappy yes/no initiatives out there and hope the few voters that actually turn out are entertained enough by his dumbass one-liners to vote his half-baked ideas into the State Constitution.

This reinforces in me the belief that no matter how good an idea any intiaitive might seem, in this day and age you should always vote NO on every initiative. Voting YES just encourages them to do it again. Let the Governor and the Legislature do the jobs we elected them to do.

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