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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Circus! 

We just got back from the circus Circus. It's not a 3-ring circus. It's not a 2-ring circus. It's a 1-ring circus. It's the kind of circus that comes to towns of 40,000 people, sets up their tent in a field and puts on a show for a few days before moving on. In other words, it's a real circus. It wasn't world class circus-ing, but it was the most impressive show of physical prowess I've seen in person at such short range. It's fun being able to make eye-contact with the trapeze guy when he's accepting the applause of the crowd. YW was amazed and YA, when he wasn't examining the underside of the bleachers was pretty impressed as well. One cool thing was that the field where they had their tent is walking distance from Casa Hank so we didn't have to drive to the show.

Update:I've been contemplating on the Circus and generalized it to Hank's Theory of Live Entertainment:

It is better to go see a live performance where the performers are good and you are in a small enough venue that feel like you're part of the event than to go see a live performance where the performers are great but you're just one of thousands in attendance.
So to use last night's Circus as an example: some of the acrobatic events included the performers swinging out over the audience on ropes. If they had slipped it's entirely possible they would have landed in our laps. That makes it much more fun than (for the same $10 ticket price) being in the nose-bleed seats at the best Circus in the World. By the same measure Minor League baseball in a little stadium is way more fun than going to some monster arena and having the players look like ants they're so far away.

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