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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Domestic Man! 

I did one of the non-outwardly-satisfying home improvement projects this weekend. I replaced the guts of the both toilets. So, even though neither one leaks any more and I'm going to save money on the water bill, you can't see anything. I feel a quiet satsifaction every time I flush, but it's not as cool as relaxing on the lawn I put in or the deck I built. Or gazing at the siding I put on while I was laid off (talk about optimism, I was spending money to fix up the house while I was out of a job. I assumed that before the family unit ran out of money and couldn't make the payment on the house, I'd have a new job and be able to contribute to the bottom line again). The only other positive thing in this weekend's project is that it didn't take very long. Putting in the French Drain took forever and it's almost completely invisible. I guess this means I need to think up a new overt project to do; the basement windows are kind of crappy, I could replace them...

To steal something from Pop's Bucket, This post on the Narcissus Scale: 10.0

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