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Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday Kid Blogging 

Two pictures for the price of one!


Yesterday, YW had both a field trip to the Bay Area Discovery Museum and his Cub Scout den meeting. I elected to be one the parent helpers on the field trip. It was pretty fun in a chaotic kids running everywhere kind of way. I, as a Proud Honda Civic Driver, could only take one extra kid in my car. But he was a funny guy. He was absolutely convinced he knew how to get from Pacifica to the Golden Gate Bridge. "Okay go straight. Now turn left. Now! You missed it." Self esteem issues do not plague this kid. The Cub Scout meeting included Feats of Physcial Ability, YW is demonstrating his ability to jump.


YA was given permission, after having several books read to him, to read a couple more books before going to sleep. Having memorized What Makes a Rainbow and Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? he was quite entertained right up to the moment he lost conciousness.

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