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Sunday, June 12, 2005


We went Ollalieberry picking today. There are a couple of U-Pick berry farms on the coast near Pescadero and it's the height of Ollalieberry season (they are some kind of blackberry, as far as I can tell). We got enough that I should be able to make a couple of batches (call it 8 pints) of jam and a pie. But having spent about an hour and a half doing Migrant Farmworker labour, I just have to wonder if the people convinced that Illegal Aliens are taking jobs away from Hardworking Americans spend much time picking their own produce. It was fun for a while in the cool of the morning; but as a Career, not so good.

Update: 8 pints? Did I say 8 pints? No, no no. I made 15 pints yesterday and a pie. After work tonight I'll make 10 more pints and still have enough to freeze enough to make 2 more pies. It's the Land of Infinite Ollalieberries

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