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Monday, June 20, 2005


I enjoy checking my Site Meter stats. This blog being at approximately the very bottom of the blogerarchy, It doesn't take long to see where each and every one of my hits come from. The search engine hits are kind of fun. I commonly get hits for people searching for information about the type of camera I have (that would be the Kodak 7590, short review: get it. It's a pretty good point and shoot digicam with 10X optical zoom). But the Friday Random 10 posts I keep doing are poisoning Google something fierce, but only for one particular band. I keep getting hits for people interested in Salter Cane, which have been mentioned in my Random 10 list at least once. So, sorry searchers, but I have not fan-info or free downloads. The all-time best seach engine hit I've gotten has to be for "Horses having sex". I did have a post that mentioned horses and sex, but it was a discussion of sexual dimorphism in the animal world and the mating strategies pursued by animals in which you see such dimorphism. And then I tied it into Gay Marriage; I rock. But I don't have pictures of horses having sex. Sorry internets.

I just ran (for the first time) the Blogger spell checker on this post. The Blogger dictionary doesn't contain "blog" or "Google" or "Blogger".

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