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Monday, June 27, 2005

Mixmania! The Summer Mix 

OARS Family

I've burned my Mixmania disc and gotten it into the mail, so I'd better get my list online. I would have waited until July 1, as Jim's Instructions instruct, but The Nuclear Family is going on a bit of a vacation, so I did it now. Rather than picking songs that were my Songs of Summer, I've picked a selection of songs where the Meta-information makes me think of summer. The above picture perfectly captures what summer means to me. Starting in the 1982, and until 1988 (that would be 7 summers for those keeping count), I couldn't wait to finish finals so I could take off for the hills and go whitewater rafting (and, no it didn't take me 7 years to graduate, I got a Master's too). So rivers and summer are interchangeable concepts in my head. I suppose we could also consider this my What I Looked Like In The 80's post since that's me in the back of the boat. As an added bonus, my Dad, an Uncle and 3 Cousins are in the boat too.

  1. Intro The Offspring
  2. Big River Johnny Cash
  3. Don't Cross The River America
  4. Dry River Dave Alvin
  5. Down The River Fat Paw
  6. Where The River Flows Collective Soul
  7. When The River Runs Dry Hunters & Collectors
  8. Dam That River Alice In Chains Dirt
  9. Down By The Riverbed The Backsliders
  10. A River For Him Emmylou Harris
  11. Down To The River To Pray Alison Krauss
  12. Riverwide Sheryl Crow
  13. Rivers To Cross The Alarm
  14. Green River Creedence Clearwater Revival
  15. River of Fools Los Lobos
  16. Misery Is The River Of The World Tom Waits
  17. Big Wide River The Rave-Ups
  18. To The River John Mellencamp
  19. Bend In The River Leftover Salmon
  20. Take Me To The River Annie Lennox
  21. Pain Lies On The Riverside Live
  22. Rivers Of Babylon Melodians

On reflection, one of the songs is a Song of Summer for me. I have fond memories of listening to Green River on my Walkman while floating down the Rogue River in Oregon.

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