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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Poor Arnold 

The Chron has an article about how our crappy governor has really low approval ratings and they've only gotten worse since he signed the proclamation calling for the special election. To which I say, "No kidding." I voted against the recall, but my understanding of the people that voted for it was that they were tired of Gray Davis spending all his time fund-raising and very little time doing his job. Contrast that with Arnold who spends all his time fund-raising and doesn't even seem to understand what his job is.

Arnold, if you're reading this I've got a hint for you. One of the big parts of your job is to work with the Legislature to accomplish the business of the state. If the Legislature happens to contain a majority of people from the other party, that means you have to scale back some of your goals and go for what's possible. You don't give a couple of speeches insulting the Legislators, complain that you can't get anything done and then ask the people to do your work for you. You are telling us that you don't know what you're doing; nobody likes that. Go back to Sacramento and start doing your job.

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