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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Just one of the herd 

Warning! This post mentions Harry Potter I've tried to avoid spoilers, but consider yourself Warned!

So I'm reading Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince, just like everybody else on the planet. I'm only about 120 pages in so, there's not a lot of spoiling I can do, even by accident.

In HP #5, the thing that annoyed me to no end was the way Harry got treated at the beginning of the book. The whole, "we know what's best, don't worry your childish little head about anything." Come on JK, he's Harry Fucking Potter, he's saved the world or his own ass from the evilest wizard ever 4 times in 4 years. If he thinks something is up, the people around him would most likely give him at least a listen. I am most pleased that in the part of HP #6 that I've read, he is, at last, (mostly) treated with the respect he deserves.

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