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Thursday, July 07, 2005


I am the proud recipient of a Genuine Mixmania! The Summer Mix! disc. For your reading pleasure I will duplicate his playlist here:
  1. 38 Special- Back Where You Belong- Flashback
  2. Aerosmith- Livin’ on the Edge- Get A Grip
  3. Foreigner- Urgent- The Very Best and Beyond
  4. Journey- Wheel in the Sky- Greatest Hits
  5. Spin Doctors- Little Miss Can’t be Wrong- Pocket Full of Kryptonite
  6. Talking Heads- Stay Up Late- Sand in the Vasoline
  7. Mustang Sally- The Commitments Soundtrack
  8. Tom Petty- Don’t Do Me Like That- Greatest Hits
  9. Van Halen- Drop Dead Legs- 1984
  10. Santana & Rob Thomas- Smooth- 2000 Grammy Nominee Album
  11. Bryan Adams- Somebody- So Far So Good
  12. Aerosmith- Cryin’- Get A grip
  13. Tom Petty- Mary Jane’s Last Dance- Greatest Hits
  14. Travis Tritt- Put Some Drive In Your Country- Greatest Hits From The Beginning
  15. Van Halen- I’ll Wait- 1984
  16. AC/DC- Thunderstruck- AC/DC Live
As you can see Mr. Genuine and I are both refugees from the '80s. Woo!

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