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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Now there's a good idea 

I see that the Transit Police in NYC are set to select people at random for bag searches. That has to be one of the Dumber Ideas® I've heard lately. I think the idea is that your Subway Suicide Bomber will be so intimidated by the thought of being searched before s/he gets to the Designated Detonation Location that s/he will just skip the whole thing.

How about this instead: imagine you're a Subway Suicide Bomber, you pack up your haversack with explosives and nails and whatnot, you head off to your local subway station. You make for the entrance. Then one of two things happen: 1 - you get on the train and after a while you blow it and yourself to pieces or 2 - you are approached by the Transit Police who want to search your haversack, so you pull the string and blow up yourself, the Transit Cops, and everyone else around you. It sounds like a win-win situation for you the Subway Suicide Bomber.

And unless the Authorities are planning on searching a very large fraction of the subway riding public, the chances of option 2 happening are effectively zero.

So instead of Dumbass Publicity Stunts how about doing something effective instead?

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