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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Thanks Jim! 

It figures. I get a super-duper plug of Hank's Place from Jim at Patriside while I'm on vacation so I get (for me) tons of traffic with a site that just doesn't change. Ah well. If you've come back hoping against hope that perhaps Hank has deigned to add more of his patented Wisdom and Fatherly Advice, you can relax. I am back in the saddle, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after my sojurn in Southern California and will be posting again. This time I'm going to figure out how to make Flickr do one of those cool slide shows so I can post a bunch of snaps of the boys enjoying all the touristy delights.

While driving around looking at the back ends of cars with those annoying Support The Troops ribbon magnets, I had a couple of thoughts.

First: they're magnets. What kind of message does that send? "My support of the troops is so ephemeral that I could at any moment change my mind and I want to be able to remove the evidence of my prior support without any undue effort or any offending marks on my car."

Second: they're magnets. That means they can be removed and replaced with almost no effort. Herewith is my call to action: when you can get away without risk of confrontation (I don't want anyone to get hurt), remove the ribbon magnet from the back of its car and replace over the car's gas cap hatch. The proud owner will then have to move the magnet before being able to fill his/her tank and will, perhaps, be induced to have a thought or two about the policies to which they are professing support. I gave it a test run in the parking lot of Legoland in Carlsbad and it gave me a glow of satisfaction that lasted for at least a day. Now I want to do it again and again. But living, as I do, near San Francisco and working in Santa Cruz, I don't see all that many of them in circumstances where the repositioning can take place. So I call on those of you in Redder parts of the country to Move Those Magnets!

Hey, SD resident here, just came across your blog (somehow!) while searching for submarine images for a public art project, hoping to comment on the odd contrast of yoga enthusiasts, migrating whales and butterflies mixed up in a culture of militarism. totally love the idea of switching the magnets! Next time go to Sea World - it has beautiful flowers, much like the zoo, and the kids will love it more than silly legoland. you seem like a nice daddyman, love what i scanned of your blog, keep it up!
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