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Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Vacation 

Southern California Trip June/July '05

When I tell people we went to San Diego the first question asked is, "Did you go to Sea World?" MLWN and I went out of our way to not say "Sea World" out loud the entire time we were down there. We were only in San Diego for a couple days and I'd rather go to the Zoo than to Sea World, so the boys don't even know we were near Sea World. We did have a good time at Legoland and the Zoo. We did the bus tour of the Zoo which was almost a waste of money. If we hadn't taken the bus tour we wouldn't have known that walking all the way to the far end of the Zoo to see the hippo would be a highlight of the day. But now we do know, so no more bus tours of the Zoo. As you can see from the picture above, the hippo pool has a glass wall so you can watch it prance about under water. The polar bear area is set up the same way. Legoland is what it is. The boys really liked it but it's one step up from a roadside attraction. The La Brea Tarpits were cool, but then the Hank Family are big fans of bones. I really liked going to the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum. In addition to having a bunch pygmy mammoth bones (quite the contrast to the Columbian Mammoth skeleton at the Tarpits), they have a big mesh tent set up outside filled with flowers and thousands of butterflies.

Oh, and click on the picture or right here to see a slide show of the trip.

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