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Monday, August 22, 2005

Bonus Monday Kid Blogging 


We had YW's Birthday Party on Saturday. I'm very much a low-parent-involvement Birthday Party Planner. While I have nothing but admiration for those parents who plan out party activities for each moment of the afternoon, I just can't do it. We had 24 kids ranging in age from 3 to 8 at the party and just let them run wild and jump around in the rocketship bounce house. We did have the requisite (we do live in California) pinata, but for the most part we just let them have fun for about 4 hours.

Here's a parenting question for you: At what age do you drop your kid off at a Birthday Party and come back when the party is over? YW just turned 7 and I'm not there yet. But at least half the parents confirmed the end time of the party and scampered.

Also, after checking iPhoto, I observe that the two girls closest to YW in the picture were also right there next to YW when he was blowing out his candles last year too.

Lastly, YA is not wearing a shirt extolling the joys of Crime. His grandparents just got back from a trip to Ukraine, which included some time in the Crimea.

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