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Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday Kid Blogging 

First Day

On YW's first day of school, YA would not be denied and had to have his picture taken too. As you can see he is proud as can be about being in the picture. The toys he's holding do creep me out a bit. On our trip to SB to celebrate Grandma's birthday the boys were each allowed to pick out a modestly priced item in a toy store. YA homed in on two Boobah dolls in the We're Trying To Get This Crap Out Of The Store bin. Since they were only a buck a piece, I let him get both. He's never even seen the show, but he had to have them. They have contributed to the high standard of conversation at Casa Hank: "YA, get your Boobahs out of my face." "YA, where are your Boobahs?" "YW, leave your brother's Boobahs alone."

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