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Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday Non-Random 10 

It's been a while since I did a Random 10 post and it's not even a little random. A few days ago I read a post that mentioned The Knitters and their new CD. Lo! And Behold! In addition to a new CD they also (finally) had their original LP issued in digital format! So Amazon and I conducted a transaction and I'm listening to them even now. Here are the last 10 songs to play on iTunes:
  1. Someone Like You The Knitters
  2. Poor Little Critter On The Road The Knitters
  3. Born to Be Wild The Knitters
  4. Little Margaret The Knitters
  5. Burning House of Love The Knitters
  6. I'll Go Down Swinging The Knitters
  7. Long Chain On The Knitters
  8. The New Call of the Wreckin' Ball The Knitters
  9. Rank Stranger The Knitters
  10. Skin Deep Town The Knitters

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