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Monday, September 19, 2005

Now's Your Chance 

I was going to write about this yesterday but I spaced it out. There was an article in the Chron about the plight of the farmers in the California's Central Valley. It seems that those farmers whose crops need lots of workers to harvest (grapes, peaches, etc.) are really hurting for workers right now. As a result of the post 9/11 border tightening and various other Brown People Are Bad initiatives that have been pushed through, there just aren't that many people around who are prepared to do back breaking labor in the hot sun to harvest our crops.

So all you Illegals-Are-Taking-Jobs-Away-From-Americans wackjobs out there, nows your chance to get yourself one of those good jobs those darn illegals have been hogging. Hie yourself to Fresno and get yourself a job picking raisin grapes or lettuce or something. You owe it to America, or at least the farmers.

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