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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

You can do it Arnie 

Living in California is such fun. The Governator, who to all appearances has no personal problem with our happier, dare I say gayer friends, is in thrall to the Republican Party. He's pretty happy with the corrupt business wing of the party, but the Know Nothing dumbass end of the party has been feeling its oats lately and they really really really want him to veto the Gays Are People Too bill that is on its way to his desk. So what will he do? I especially like how he said that the Legislature shouldn't pass the bill because they should leave it up to the courts to decide this sort of thing.

Update: He can't do it. I was listening to NPR in the car a little while ago and his office has made it known that he will veto the bill. So the Know Nothing dumbass wing of the Republicans is with him. But that's about it. Given the trends on this issue he has no hope for getting elected to anything ever again. Of course if he signed it he couldn't get nominated for anything ever again either. It's almost as if the California Democrats passed the bill as some sort of Poison Pill. Good for them.

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