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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Inspired by a post over at Laid Off Dad, I will now relate the story of how YW didn't get baptized.

YW was born in Minnesota, my ancestral homeland. This meant we took him out to see my Grandmother quite a few times before we moved back to California. At one of the early visits the following conversation occurred:

Granny - Have you had YW baptized?
H - No.
G - Do you know that you are endangering his immortal soul?
H - Well when he's old enough he can decide for himself if he wants to be baptized.

What I thought, but didn't say (since I didn't want Granny to drop dead on the spot) was, "Any God that would send a baby to Hell because the baby isn't baptized is not the sort of God whose ass I wish to kiss."

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