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Monday, November 14, 2005

Gameboys are like beating off 

So YW went on his first sleep-over on Saturday. A subset of the boys invited to a Sunday Birthday Party were invited to sleep over at the Birthday Boy's house on Saturday night. It was going to be huge fun. And YW reported it as being fun. Until, that is, last night, when it came out that the other boys had brought their Gameboys and there was a distinct lack of sharing with YW who not only didn't bring one, he doesn't even own one. There were tears. Reading between the lines of what he said, I think the situation lies somewhere between YW not asking for a turn to play a game and the other boys telling him to piss off when he asked for a turn. I think there might have been a couple of requests after nobody spontaneously offered to let him play.

But be that as it may, on further reflection it seems to me that playing a Gameboy (or PSP or whatever) is like masturbating. It's kind of fun, it doesn't hurt anyone else, but you really shouldn't do it in a roomful of people. And a whole bunch of people playing their Gameboys in the same room is just a asking for a mess.

And yes, we're going to cave. He'll probably get one for Christmas. But there will be limited opportunities to play it and for damn sure he won't be taking to over to friends' houses when he's supposed to be interacting with other humans.

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