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Monday, November 28, 2005

Happy Violation Day! 

Being a Dad of a certain age (that would be greater than 40), going to the doctor for a physical is a bit more exciting than it used to be. "OK, roll over on your side... pressure... pressure... there, all done." At least this time I knew what to expect. Way back when Hank was just a Hankling (14 to be exact), I had an inflamed appendix. Said appendix needed to come out. And it was so, but one of the preliminaries to the whole get-cut-open-and-have-part-of-your-innards-removed process is a rectal exam. I was a pretty naive 14 year old and said exam was initiated without much explanation. It was most surprising.

And yay for me, I am, it seems, in reasonable health. Pending of course the results of the blood work.

PS - the Blogger spell-checker wanted to replace 'rectal' with 'recital'.

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