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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It's a bunch of small worlds 

Over the weekend MLWN and I had 3 almost-but-not-quite small world encounters.
  1. The mother of one of YW's classmates went to UCSB at the same time I did, but we had never encountered one another while at school.
  2. The mother of one of the boys on YW's soccer team was a whitewater guide on the American River (working for ARTA) at the same time I was guiding on that river while working for OARS, but we never met while we were Bitchen Whitewater Guides.
  3. The father of that same kid attended a short-lived military-themed prep school in Santa Barbara at the same time as the high school version of MLWN was hanging out with guys who went to said school, but they had never met at the time.
All in all, not too profound, but kind of groovy.

For a real small world story, I'll give you this.

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